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Heavily inspired by Yume Nikki and Don't Hug Me I'm Scared, the content in M o RE Lie s centers specifically around playing as an antisocial adolescent who calls himself Henry, as he traverses the many diverse worlds that are laid out before him. His main objective, however, is to search for the four "Lies"; simply put, four people (including Henry himself) who have an apparent significance which cannot be explained by traditional methods. These important figures are hidden amongst the many various locales, and it is your job, as the player, to of course encounter them and add such beings to your roster. Along the way you, the player, may find yourself learning a little about your own existence, as well as discovering the "true meaning of the universe". And we are afraid this is the only way of going about doing so. Nonetheless, we have decided to let the opportunity to be yours, that is, if you have the desire to help such a story transpire. You have the ability to make that decision now... 

Release date Jun 01, 2018
Made withRPG Maker
TagsRPG Maker, satire
Average sessionAbout a half-hour

Install instructions

The game should, in fact, work. However, if you just so happen to encounter any errors or things that do not seem to be working, we advise you to let us know immediately. Furthermore, if you have any complications with the first screen then press the interact button. There are even more instructions inside the game itself.


M o RE Lie s.zip 438 MB
M o RE Lie s dehmo (j UN 20 19).zip 430 MB
MoRE Lies dehmo (d Ec 201 8).zip 315 MB
MoRE Lies v 0.0.4 dehmo.zip 287 MB

Development log


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The game says "Can not open monta s file" then crash, I'm a first-play

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I think theres a bug, because when you enter Act 2 with cutscene, the game crashes.

What does the error message say?

Has to do with a nonexistent event I think.

Looks quite promising in that it's a different kind of "game". The final version might be pretty fun to tool around in.

If you think you could get this game done enough by October, perhaps you might also consider entering it into our Game Development World Championship!

Hmmm, thanks for the offer! It really means a lot, but we’ll just have to see what happens. I don’t have as munch time as I’d like to to work on this game. I doubt I’d have enough done by then. We’ll see.

you should probably enter in the next one, and see how far you go

Wow! It finally got released. So far it seems pretty cool. I can't wait to see what the full version is like.

Thanks so much for playing! This game will continue to be a work in progress and I will add more things. Of course, if you have any suggestions or assets, email me them!

Sure thanks. Also I think this is more of a demo rather than early ackses. However, maybe when we reach near one it will become more like an early ackses game.